Monday, March 29, 2010

Workshop in Wilz Luxembourg

Here are a couple of pictures from the family seminar in Wilz, Luxembourg

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit to La Magdeleine

La Madgeleine is a small,  typically Luxembourgish village in the south of the country.

Here I visited and strolled with the mom, Tomoko San and girl, Nami of the Franzen family.  In one picture I stand with them beneath "La Magdeleine."

The "rounded" building has a "thatched roof" made of straw.

The picture with the flags is the parliament building in the capital city of Luxembourg, the statue with the fellow and a little angel tugging on his garment stands attached to the parliament offices (I was there to meet the Minister of Family and Education), and the picture with the lion is the mayor's house (I was there to take a picture with a lion).

Monday, March 22, 2010

First Seminar in Luxembourg

The weekend just past.

There was a meeting there for leaders from the country, and I was the presenter.

Here are a couple of pictures from that meeting


My way to Luxembourg required Brussels as the terminal point of my flight out of New York (Brussels - Luxembourg was achieved by a 3 hour train ride.)

By my good luck, a Brussels friend fetched me from the (lovely) Brussels airport, and showed me around town for a while.  He appears in two of the pictures below.

Brussels is a beautiful capital.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miami Journey

I traveled to South Florida for a pressing, private meeting with an international figure residing in Key Largo.

I flew into Fort Lauderdale, taught in Miami, and spent two days in the Keys for my meetings.

I took pictures in Fort Lauderdale primarily for the purpose making my friends in New York jealous (just kidding ... kinda)

Here are a couple of scenes from Fort Lauderdale:

On Saturday I taught in Miami. Here are a couple of scenes from that teaching situation:

After my lectures I was driven to see the Miami sunset from Key Biscayne. I wasn't quite as successful finding suitable lighting to take more pictures to make my friends in New York jealous (but at least I tried)

From Sunday through Tuesday, I spent time in Islamorada, and Key Largo. Foolishly I forgot my cameral everywhere I went. (Probably to save me from getting killed by my friends when I get back to New York).

The purpose of the journey, the day long private meeting with the person who was the raison d'etre for my journey, by the grace of God, was excellent and hopeful.