Monday, May 24, 2010

UTS Gradutation 2004

On May 22, 2010, the Unification Theological Seminary held its 34th commencement ceremony, followed by the installation of a new, incoming president.

The pictures below include dear friends Tyndol and Irmgart Baynes, several students with whom I am close and with whom I have worked or tutored, Academic deans Andrew Wilson and Kathy Winnings, outgoing president Tyler Hendricks, incoming president Richard Panzer, and UTS board chairwoman In Jin Moon

Celebration, congratulations

To congratulate Marissa for completing another semester well, for the great reviews on the sculpting final, and for the basic SCHOOL'S OUT feeling, we took her out to local Thai.

Marissa's sculpting

Marissa's final project for her first ever sculpting class received raves and quite stole the day as all pieces and assignments were submitted.  The assignment was simply to sculpt a conch shell.  She came home with a dull, non-descript lump of clay.  By finish, the shell had a woman's figure embedded. (one of the pictures below is the back of the shell.)

Dinner with Father Francis

Some of us got together with Father Francis after quite a long time away.  Dinner and fellowship