Monday, July 5, 2010

Europe to teach, June 2010

From June 25 until July 2, 2010 I spent time in Europe to teach two, two-day seminars.

The first venue was Bratislava, Slovakia.  In the first set of pictures you'll see my host Julius throughout, including our adventure to treat his son (and me!) at the local ice-cream stand.  In the restaurant picture is Igor, spiritual head of the community whom I taught.

I learned that the town at which I stayed Dunajska Luzna, experienced a period of time in which the Virgin appeared to, and performed healing for the believers.  There is a church, with a neighboring grotto dedicated to this time, and to the Virgin.

Down the road from the church is a Dominican monastary for sisters. Sister Regina was my perfectly saintly and delightful hostess, welcoming us simply off the street.  I greatly enjoyed my time with her and her sisters.

Several of the later pictures are of the community of families and young people who attended my lectures and seminar.

Finally, after Slovakia we took an 8 hour drive to Frankfurt.  We stopped in Regensburg for lunch in a quaint gasthaus across the street from the shrine and church of St. Wolfgang.  I ate the very non-remarkable tasting Pegasius fish for the first time, and then strolled across the street to pray in the church, and see the relics of the saint.

In Germany I taught in a small town called Schmitten.  I was hoping to have a picture with the 80 or so young people who attended my two days of teaching, but instead I was asked to pose with each "team."  These were a tremendous group of young people whom I respected and in whom I have much hope.  Unfortunately from these "group pictures" I missed a good many of these young people.

Because of a schedule change I was blessed with an unexpected free day in Frankfurt. It was pleasant and relaxing. In the evening we strolled from Frankfurter Berg to the neighboring village of Eschersheim for a brief stop at an old, enchanted biergarten. I took a few pictures along the stroll.