Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Montreal, October 2011

I spent from October 7 until October 11, 2011 in Montreal.

The primary purpose from my visit was to teach a seminar on spiritual practice, entitled Balance in Spiritual Life, and to confer with colleagues about a project for mediation and reconciliation.

Additionally, I enjoyed many wonderful and exciting experiences

One morning I was taken on a stroll through the historic river front park in Lachine, originally a port for fur trade.

On that same morning we were guests of honor at the services in the Family and Gospel Church of Reverend Daryl Gray.

As I say, the main reason for my visit was to teach this youth seminar on Balance in Spiritual Life

One morning I had the thrill to visit the bird sanctuary aside the St. Lawrence Rapids. The second picture here below is a bird watcher. The park is full of people with camera set ups like this and more! The third picture is Franco Famularo, dear friend, and my primary host in Montreal. I stay with his family, and much of the many parts of my arrangements and organization are made by Franco.

The rapids are thrilling.

On Monday, (which is Thanksgiving Day in Canada but Columbus Day in the United States) we went to see the Montreal Alouettes (The "Als) play against the Toronto Argonauts (the "Argos") (names anyone?). The home team won 29 - 19, an exciting game, made all the more thrilling as Als quarterback Anthony Calvillo broke the all time pass yardage world record in the history of professional football (including all US quarterbacks)  
The fateful pass came on the last play of the third quarter, and was marked by scoreboard tributes from quarterbacking greats Dan Marino, Moon, and Allen, who was on hand to see his mark of 72,381 yards eclipsed.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. These photos are from my phone.

At the end of this Monday, the Famularo's created a special "US Style" Thanksgiving feast for the Canadian young people who'd never had such an experience. The whole kit and kaboodle, cooking all day, everything from scratch, Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a host of delectable deserts. I am happy to report that Canadians are quick to learn to survive the rigors of such an ordeal :)

There is even more to the weekend, I will publish later, and publish elsewhere