Wednesday, December 19, 2007

President David S.C. Kim's 93rd Birthday, December 18, 2007

On December 18, 2007 approximately 25 friends and family gathered to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Unification Theological Seminary, President Emeritus, David Sang Cheol Kim.

This day, December 18 is the Lunar calendar reckoning of President Kim's birthday. Interestingly it is also the anniversary of Father's (Reverend Moon's) 1971 arrival in America (at Washington National airport), as well as the founding in Seoul of PWPA, and the maiden presentation of the Encyclopedia publication World and I.

To tie us to, and reverence the commemoration of Father's first time in America, Seiko Lee led all gathered in a chorus of God Bless America

We began the celebration with Family Pledge and prayer, followed by a brief discourse and guidance from President Kim. Together with an abundant meal, sharing, festivities, fun and a cake, there was much in the way of respect and spiritual awakening and encouragement. Robert Brooks (with the quiet aid of Philip McCracken) served as master of ceremonies. Prepared testimonies were offered by Robert Brooks, Dorothy Hill, and John Lowen.

President Kim was on hand together with his wife and 3rd son Young. He led the group gathered in a number of spiritual ceremonies, brief times of teaching throughout the afternoon, a round of "fortunes" with all gathered, and a time to give each one present his own gift to us.

David Kim continues to invest vigorously and enthusiastically with clear vision in the present dispensation for God's Kingdom under the leadership of Father and Mother (Reverend and Mrs. Moon) and their family.

Here are a small few pictures from this enjoyable time:

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Anonymous said...

To all concerned:

For many years I have been calling for some public recognition of the work of President Kim, with whom I have had the privilege to collaborate in offering seminars. He has impressed me profoundly with his support of young scholars to acquire the finest education which will then be used to sustain UTS with a cadre of scholars that will make UTS a place of academic excellence. I was also impressed by his openness to other faith traditions. I taught Hinduism without any hint that these ideas were not welcome in the seminary. Yet, for all of his leadership, I felt that he was not being given the recognition he deserved, for keeping uts going in troubled times, and working toward its accreditation. Best of all, he jealously kept the seminary within the UC community, without cutting it off from all that was happening outside its gates, which were always kept open to new trends and developments in the religious world. I salute this scholar and exemplary human being.
Professor Cromwell Crawford.