Tuesday, November 25, 2008


These pictures and report in part show scenes from my professional activity and responsibilities. But they also touch upon time in which I was able to enjoy the beauty of London

The first three pictures in this slide show are from an orientation session with religious leaders as we prepared for the Ceremony for merging sacred waters, a part of the festival on the following day.

The next picture is with Julius Alexy with whom I collaborate for youth education in Europe. After that comes a picture of a steeple shot out of a bus en route to the convention center.

Three pictures are of a swan in the rivulet that flows beside London's Excel Center. Two pictures are with Maya and her mom (with whom I had the pleasure to meet and stay with throughout the festival).

The four most important pictures are from the sacred waters ceremony, and the final 4 are the young people celebrating during the music at the GPF.

For any interested, here is a video of the entire sacred waters ceremony, narrated by Mr. David Hannah:

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