Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

On the 31st of October this year, I started my day attending the farewell memorial service for the great and beloved teacher, pastor and leader, Dr. Lonnie McCleod, together with Karen Smith.

Like the 100's gathered at the Church of the Living Hope on 138th Street and Edge avenue, I too love Lonnie, feel close to him, and greatly admire him.

The service was superb. Karen pointed out "Like Lonnie." The remark interested me. I bet the ceremonies at our passings in fact ARE like us.

Afterward Karen and I caught up over a shared sandwich on a park bench that seemed to be dropped from heaven just for this moment, for these feelings, for this pause. Here's the bench:

Later in the evening, the kids (I mean all "kids" of the family) had a little fun getting ready for Halloween. A couple of the pictures are from our next door neighbors too.

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