Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit to La Magdeleine

La Madgeleine is a small,  typically Luxembourgish village in the south of the country.

Here I visited and strolled with the mom, Tomoko San and girl, Nami of the Franzen family.  In one picture I stand with them beneath "La Magdeleine."

The "rounded" building has a "thatched roof" made of straw.

The picture with the flags is the parliament building in the capital city of Luxembourg, the statue with the fellow and a little angel tugging on his garment stands attached to the parliament offices (I was there to meet the Minister of Family and Education), and the picture with the lion is the mayor's house (I was there to take a picture with a lion).


edwin said...

No picture of Erwin?

Frank's life said...

Erwin was at work during the day, but we enjoyed time together last night as the reception for the Luxembourg-American Cultural Society